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The Jersey Devil and Staten Island

If you know anything about New Jersey, you should know where Staten Island is. Staten Island, New York has its quirks and its charms. In "Buzzkill New Jersey", the Dameo sisters are originally from Staten Island. In fact it seems the women from SI get along quite well with guys in Monmouth County, New Jersey, while the guys from Staten Island, tend to create too much friction when on other people’s turf.

This post is about the Jersey Devil, and personal politics aside, Staten Island people like doing business. What kind of business? What are you a cop?

One of the most ruthless things about the Jersey Devil, is that its existence is based solely on doing its work. The Jersey Devil’s work is destroying people.

In the 80’s, Staten Island was loving the 80’s. While most people wanted to get jacked up, others wanted to get down down. The rumor was, the Jersey Devil had gotten so sick of hearing people say they were getting their “party-supplies” from Staten Island, that it decided to leave New Jersey to check it out.

If you read into our literature on the Jersey Devil and its manifestations, you will learn that the creature has been commonly known to change form. Since the devil targets people mostly, it mimics people very effectively.

The best part about the person that the Jersey Devil decided to change into, for its trip to Staten Island, was that he was the kind of guy, clean enough looking to do business, forgettable enough to not get noticed.

And what did the devil bring to Staten Island? Well this cannot be verified, but the consensus is that it was a pill. Quaaludes were the current drug of choice, but this pill was smaller and much more effective. He brought a large amount for one distribution, then told people they would never see it again after he ran out. 80’s drug-fiends, were just as tenacious as those of today, so most of the product was consumed less than a few minutes after purchase. Not long after the Jersey Devil's trip, Quaaludes were pulled from production.

One guy, a little more of a forward-thinker and also a biochemist, decided to break down one of the pills. He figured out the ingredients, then filed a patten. Legend is the product eventually made it’s return 20 years later, much to the detriment of people around the country. The color of the pill was light baby blue.

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