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The Jersey Devil-Jersey Shore Connection

The Jersey Devil is a dark creature from South Jersey (obviously). If you look at New Jersey’s coast, there is a channel of waterways that run parallel to the southern shore area.

The Jersey Devil is sometimes characterized as a reptile based on its connection to water. The Jersey Devil is not known to travel into the ocean, but it is able to make it from the Pine Barrens to Spring Lake using primarily the fresh and brackish waterways along the coast.

Monmouth County is the northern most part of the Jersey Shore. There is no place quite like it. Asbury Park has seen a resurgence that is incredible compared to what it was ten years ago. Asbury Park used to be a place you either drove through quickly, or travelled to, in order to break some laws. Asbury Park was supposedly the furthest north point of the Jersey Devil’s travels. More specifically parts of Neptune, NJ had stories of its influence with certain individuals.

The exploits were extremely hard to prove, and almost never any pictures. Around 2005, cell phone cameras were becoming more and more a part of every day discourse, which meant the Devil had to stay in character, and be much more careful about not being figured out.

The legend died down and entered obscurity. When it comes to the Jersey Devil, that fact that there haven’t been many stories told in the last ten years is pretty frightening. It’s safe to assume the Devil’s lack of human contact could end up having dire consequences.

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