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The BKNJ Director’s Post

What is the BKNJ Director’s Post?

The Director’s Post offers Jersey Devil stories. We also have stories about the first Jersey Devil victim, Marie Clapper. You may recognize her from the first promo video.

Also, if you dig, you will come across some stories on the Reapers, look for the symbols below. The Reapers are a very secretive organization, I’ll trust your discretion.

The setting of Buzzkill New Jersey is Belmar, New Jersey. Belmar is one of the northern points of the Jersey Shore. To get a better feeling of what the beach is like, check out the Jersey Shore category.

(Belmar, NJ)

For those who enjoy ghost stories, the Ghost Stories category contains mostly verified and confirmed ghost stories from New Jersey and surrounding areas. I suggest reading them before bed, to help you fall asleep.

We also have Motion Picture Reviews. We cover all genres, mostly horror.

Thank you for showing interest in Buzzkill New Jersey. We were forced to discontinue the Editorials category because of its political nature. We created the password-protected Bonus Features Page in its place.

The Bonus Features Page has Politically Incorrect Cartoons and Articles, as well as behind the scenes footage and insider information from the movie!

Politicos, to get the BKNJ Bonus Features password, follow us on

Enjoy the BKNJ Director's Post!

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