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Pioneer Ghost Family

One of the locations used when filming Buzzkill New Jersey is the Sgroi house. This estate is over 300 years old. The compound includes a main house, 2 smaller houses and a large red barn (pictured).

There are a few different spirits that have been seen walking around the grounds. I'll let Joe Sgroi tell you about them.

The following story took place at a very similar-looking establishment, supposedly somewhere close to Monmouth County, NJ.

The deaths happened during an extremely bitter winter in the late 1700’s. The barn would become a temporary sanctuary for the occasional passer-by. Supposedly, there was a sign on the front and back entrances to the barn that notified any travelers to check in with the main house before camping out in the barn.

Because at this time there were no establishments for miles in any direction, the compound’s owners were empathetic to people trying to get out of the cold. The main reason the property owners wanted people to check in with the main house, was so that they could light a fire in the stone fireplace, and make sure the travelers were not thirsty or starving.

Unfortunately, many people at this time were illiterate. One winter’s night, the evening began at an unusually warm 60 degrees. The snow on the ground and sunny day warmed the area, but at night, the temperature dropped to 10 below zero. The home owners discovered the bodies of a young pioneer couple and their young child. They were huddled together. The father was holding a shotgun that was stored in the barn. By the time they were found, all three were frozen solid.

Authorities identified the family as French immigrants, who would not have been able to read the sign. They figured the father took the shotgun to protect the family during the night. They hoped that none of the family members suffered.

All three are ultimately benevolent spirits. The young girl is the one who is seen most often. She is very friendly and always smiling according to witnesses. However, if you see the mother appear, you best leave the area. Apparently she appears to warn you about the over-protective father, who has been known to still carry the shotgun.

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