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The Jersey Devil Conspiracy Theory

The cold hard fact is, the Jersey Devil is ultimately a conspiracy theory. But much like a group of minors found out one summer heading into their sophomore year, conspiracy is a charge you can receive by the court, and that is not fun at all.

Conspirators in a group work together, they plan together for a common goal. When that goal is something nefarious, the people who seek to do the evil deed, are held responsible for doing so. So what exactly was it that this group of freshman got charged with? Conspiracy to commit, murder. … Oh sh*t! I know.

The details got held up because of the minors’ status. Only one in the group was over 18 years old. Supposedly that one was just socially awkward and needed a group of friends. He got screwed but good. One member of the group, who was supposedly an especially sadistic young man, convinced the others to sacrifice him for superpowers. The story stayed unusually quiet. Some things, society just does not want to talk about.

How this ties in with the Jersey Devil was that none of the group of 4 boys and 2 girls were considered anything but perfectly normal kids. There had to be some sort of magical display to convince the most cynical among us, the high school freshman. Locals blamed the Jersey Devil, the conspiracy theory stuck.

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