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Diana, Jack and Pat

These three are quite the group. Diana comes from a family of all girls (4 sisters). Pat has one sister, Jack has two sisters. There is no real story as to what made them friends. They were just always friends. Officially, the story is Diana was best friends with a girl that Jack was into. Diana also lived very close to Pat. Diana was always a solid wingman for the guys, and vice versa.

Supposedly there has been talk of Diana and Pat making out when they were drunk. Not surprising, Diana is a bit of a make-out slut, and Pat doesn’t say no to anyone female. Jack is also a make-out slut like Diana, but Jack has been known to sweet-talk girls, then grow tired of them quickly, leaving them firmly on the hook (not very nice). Jack has made out with one of the four DeMeo sisters, but which one, remains a mystery.

Between Diana, Pat and Jack, the circle of friends spreads out very far. Although Belmar, NJ is the sight of Jack’s beach house, most of the group originated in Colts Neck, NJ and surrounding areas. Monmouth County, New Jersey is quite the place.

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