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Buzzkill New Jersey (film), as some may know, is actually not the first Buzzkill movie. The first movie was simply called “Buzzkill”. Despite a lack of script, the film moved pretty well, even though the characters did not much more than drink and party, then get murdered. The question was, which one was the killer?

Through tragic events, the movie was lost in the dustbin of early 21st century computers. The laptop containing the original Buzzkill hopefully still exists. Whereabouts unknown. The film had 4 creators; Joe Vrola, Will Leahey, Joe Sgroi and Brandon Emmons. Will Leahey was the editor, only he and Joe Vrola saw the latest draft of the film. The ending remained a mystery because the summer ended, and the guys went back to high school.

While Buzzkill New Jersey is a much bigger production than Buzzkill, Joe Vrola and John Sabia of Socialitize, have adopted much of the original “gorilla-style” film-making that was used in the original film.

“High-pressure acting really brings the best out of people. There is no time for self-doubt.” - Joe Vrola

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