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Ghosting is ultimately, a tale as old as time. Writing people off is a part of life. Some good, some bad, reasons just come up. But none a more selfish and lazy technique now a days, than ghosting. Since text messages can essentially stack up endlessly, nothing is quite as bad as looking at a bunch of sent messages, with no response.

Ghosting is when you ignore someone until they get the idea to go away. I guess that beats telling them whatever it is that made you want to drop them. However, by avoiding the confrontation, you miss the person’s rebuttal. The issue could have maybe been squashed. Nine times out of ten, the person on the wrong end of the ghosting, does not really know why it is happening. Also, lots of people in New Jersey are full of sh*t, and that thing you heard could be a fabrication.

The story of Kristina Delisa involves ghosting to some degree. The rumor was she had a habit of getting guys on her hook, then cutting them off cold turkey (so cold). Until the day she met this guy Jeff. Now, if you live in New Jersey, someone you know meeting a new friend named Jeff, is not really a cause for celebration. Jeff was supposedly this attractive guy from Manasquan, but no one in Colts Neck (Kristina’s home town) knew anything about him.

So Kristina was on the hook good, with this guy Jeff. Seemed plausible enough. Until the night before Jack’s party.

(Kristina Delissa)

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