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Jersey Devil Sighting

Despite its elusiveness, the Jersey Devil is said to have been seen by quite a large amount of people. Very seldom does the witness have proof. Usually the person admits that it could have been a deer or a dog, maybe even a small bear.

Problems arose when photography technology advanced and more and more people had access to cameras. Apparently, if the Jersey Devil believes you are trying to capture its picture, it will become very hostile towards you.

During an exploration in the late 60’s of the Pine Barrens by a group of geologists from Princeton University, one member of the group fell behind and became lost. The scientist stated that after a looking around for her group, she came across an open trail. After taking a few steps down the trail, she claimed to have become overwhelmed with a sense of paranoia. She said the fear quickly consumed her. She felt like someone was watching her.

The geologist snapped a picture of the trail, then ran away. She eventually found her group, who had been calling out for her.

"Thank God I forgot to put on the flash."

This is the picture.

The geologist claims she never saw a figure, and only snapped the photo to reference later on. We focused on a small inconsistency in the shadows of some of the trees.

Because this photo is not the original, there is no way to analyze the picture to see if the shadowy figure is anything more than a small coincidence. We will leave it to you to decide.

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