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The Belmar House

Many of characters and themes involved in "Buzzkill New Jersey" have roots in real events and people who grew up in Monmouth County, New Jersey. “Jack Cuomo” is based off of Joe Vrola. Joe’s grandparents owned a beach house in Belmar, New Jersey. The house was left to his parents, and the family spent every summer in Belmar when the kids were growing up.

When Joe and his friends got into high school, the Belmar house became one of their main places to hang out. The house was a hundred years old, but it was pretty big and had a great wrap-around porch and a large backyard. There was also a large detached garage in the backyard. The Belmar house was perfect for parties because it was a block and a half from the beach, and could fit a bunch of people.

After college, Joe’s parents knocked down the old Belmar house and rebuilt a new home. The new house is three times the size, but it does have some stylistic similarities to the old house, like the wrap-around porch.

Although the old Belmar house is gone, the memories of good times live on.

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