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The Jersey Devil - Witness

The Jersey Devil’s origin has always been difficult to verify because of the amount of theories and explanations given by historians and witnesses. Physically, the creature appears slightly different to each witness. Witnesses tend to notice specific things about the monster, like the eyes or the horns.

We traveled to the Pine-Barrens to meet with a self-described “medicine-man”. A few members of the surrounding community said he was a witch-doctor, who routinely practiced voodoo. We figured he would know something about the Jersey Devil.

When we arrived at his residence, he invited us inside. We sat in his common area, and the man immediately and correctly guessed all of our religions, which was impressive, but unnerving. After giving us a little background information, we asked him if he had ever seen the Jersey Devil.

The man pulled out a small wooden square with a picture panted on the front (pictured).

He explained that he was performing a ritual, when one of his rabbits escaped its cage. The man ran after the rabbit and followed it into the woods. That is when he saw a dark black creature with large white teeth. Like other witnesses, he said the creature disappeared right away. It was interesting that the large teeth was what this man remembered because the Jersey Devil is rarely described by its teeth. Also, this particular individual had none of his own.

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