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The Ghost on the Boardwalk

Jersey people tend to eat-up gossip like Swedish Fish. They will also embellish parts of a story where they do not have all the facts. Very rarely will people sacrifice a good rumor for the sake of the truth.

The "ghost on the boardwalk" supposedly exists in several different beach towns. The legend is, this guy was a local. Locals tend to get along with each other, saving all their animus for those awful New Yorkers or clueless Pennsylvania drivers.

This guy apparently was a drunk, whose behavior deteriorated most nights into loud, clumsy strolls down the boardwalk. He was not the type of person you would want to run into. He would routinely harass young couples, who were trying to take a romantic walk.

Allegedly this guy was found dead on the dunes one morning. At first, police thought he was just drunk and passed out. When they turned the body over, they saw that he must have stumbled off the boardwalk, landing face first onto one of those metal “No Walking on the Dunes” signs. Ouch.

So keep an eye out. He only appears late at night on the boardwalk. Keep your distance though, apparently he is still a pain in the ass.

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