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Marie Clapper - Ghost Story?

The most simple explanation of the reoccurring sightings of the Jersey Devil’s first kidnapping victim Marie Clapper, is that her ghost has remained trapped on earth for the last 200 years.

The Clapper’s south Jersey home was quite large, and after the family vacated, the building was turned into a hostel. The building still exists in Linwood, New Jersey. A local ghost-hunting group recently explored the space. While they claimed to have had contact with many spirits, they were unable to connect with Marie Clapper.

The group took photographs whenever their clairvoyant felt spirits around. The following picture was taken of an empty hallway. The photographer claims the ghost image appeared in the photo after it was taken.

The figure certainly resembles Marie Clapper, but the evidence is ultimately inconclusive.

The problem with the ghost-story-theory, is the occurrence of Marie Clapper’s doppelgangers; Maria Roosevelt and “Kate the PA”, who both appeared in New Jersey, years after Clapper’s abduction. Both women were real people according to the evidence surrounding their situations. Both women looked exactly like Marie Clapper.

Another theory is that Marie Clapper became an entity much like the Jersey Devil, after the two met. Continue exploring the Marie Clapper Category to learn more!

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