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Buzzkill Movie Trivia (Documentary)

Here at Buzzkill, we strive to keep you, the audience, in the loop, as much as possible. If you watched the BKNJ promo video, you would have seen a few clips from the documentary, “The Jersey Devil”. In the full-documentary, Dr. Richard Drachtman, who is an anthropologist from southern New Jersey, explains some of the different theories that surround the local Jersey Devil legend. Dr. Drachtman is knowledgeable on many topics, but having grown-up in South Jersey, always had an immense fascination with Jersey Devil theory.

We were able to speak with Dr. Drachtman to confirm and verify that he was, in fact, a human-person that existed on earth. Unfortunately, we were not so lucky with the supposed editor of Paranormal NJ Magazine, Laura Rogers. According to the film-makers from the documentary, they had reached out to the magazine after seeing an article published on the more obscure Jersey Devil theories. The alleged Ms. Rogers returned their call, and agreed to be interviewed for the documentary.

Tony Ventolla, who directed the documentary, said that they met Laura Rogers at the opening of an art gallery in Ocean County, New Jersey. She was apparently very knowledgeable on both traditional and progressive theories on the creature. Ventolla said that it did seem like she was trying to downplay the sinister nature of the Jersey Devil, almost to the point of being an advocate. The documentary’s producer, John Morris, added that “she was hot”. Thanks again for the help John.

We reached out to Paranormal NJ Magazine, which no longer exists. Laura Rogers has not been heard from since the documentary. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

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