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Jersey Devil Tour & Ong’s Hat Ghost Town

Here at Buzzkill, we just can not help but notice the recent surge in popularity of our dark-natured monster-friend, the Jersey Devil. And why not? New Jersey is an awesome place, that’s why it’s so crowded. But as the seasons change, and girlfriends need things to do on the weekends in the fall, the Pine-Barrens trails are a place to have a scary, yet romantic walk, possibly meet the Jersey Devil (there’s a story for the kids).

For Jersey Devil searchers, the "Back to Nature" trail or BATONA Trail, is 50 miles long, and goes deep into the backwoods of the Pine-Barrens, gulp! A warning for our brave comrades, who venture off to find the creature; the Jersey Devil does not like photography. While it is true that its first instinct is to disappear, it also will become downright hostile towards someone it suspects is taking its picture. “Nah man, this is just my phone.” is not going to get you anywhere.

While the creature was born human, it is pretty clear to anyone who meets the Jersey Devil, that it is a full-blown monster, that is super fast. Have fun, send us pictures!

For creative science lovers, the town of Ong’s Hat is a great place to check out. It is located along Turkey Buzzard Bridge Road, Pemberton. This now abandoned town was once a small, but lively place. When financial troubles hit, the town was abandoned. The last two members, a husband and wife, disappeared under suspicious circumstances, meaning they disappeared without a trace.

But that’s not even the cool part. Supposedly, a group of professors from Princeton University, were mocked then disgraced for their theories on quantum physics. They retreated into these woods where they discovered the secret of inter-dimensional travel. Whoa. There’s a nerd-boner for you.

Whether you enjoy spending time with your significant other, or they make you want to find a portal to another dimension, there seems to be something for everyone in south Jersey. suggests starting at Ong’s Hat and ending at Deep Hollow Pond, before heading back (around 5 miles).


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