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The Jersey Devil Project

For those who have yet to read about Bart Andrews and the Jersey Devil Project, check out the Jersey Devil Category. Bart Andrews was a filmmaker and a journalist who sought to shine a light on the Jersey Devil legend by getting a candid photograph of the creature.

What started as a genius plan, ended in tragedy as Andrews lured the Jersey Devil into a house that shared its basement with a church. All of the members of Bart Andrews' crew were found dead in the basement. It is said the Jersey Devil hates getting its picture taken, and will become very hostile towards anyone who it believes is trying to capture it.

The still photographer on scene was the only survivor, having not followed Andrews into the basement. He explained to us that Andrews' PA “Kate” was part of the crew. This young woman bears a striking resemblance to Marie Clapper, who was the Jersey Devil’s first victim.

Here is a photograph of the church in South Jersey.

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