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A Touch of Clairvoyance

The universe is more than what we can see. Scientific minds are taught to always be skeptical. By consistently attempting to break an argument or prove a theory wrong, scientists eventually can find the truth. One of the most heated debates in society is about the creation of the world. Where did we come from? What was there before the Big Bang?

The truth is unfortunately not always convenient to everyone. Depending on what they were brought-up believing, some people have a personal interest in either proving their ancestors right or wrong. Our friends at HOPE Paranormal are spirit-chasers. They use special technology that picks-up on the many deferent frequencies that surround us, in order to communicate with ghosts. They also use special audio equipment that can capture the voice of a spirit.

The Jersey Devil has always been bad news. While the monster’s appearance changes based on different witness testimony, almost all accounts concluded that the creature is evil. Like the devil, the Jersey Devil is not a fan of God. Like the devil, the creature wants to keep the people from having faith in Heaven and eternity.

There are some people who possess “the gift”. While the specifics vary from person to person, some individuals are more intuitive than the rest. Some can sense feelings or thoughts of other people. Some can predict outcomes of certain events before they happen. Some can talk to ghosts. While movies and television have been depicting such anomalies for years, such people really do exist.

In the late eighties, a young woman from Wall, New Jersey started gaining a bit of a following after successfully predicting a number of major events including the election of president Reagan, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. She refused to ever tell anyone her name. It was rumored that she became a protégé of Madam Marie from Asbury Park, who nicknamed her “Sparkle Eyes” because of her light blue eyes, “S.E.” for short.

In the early nineties, S.E. began claiming she could communicate with the dead. There were around twenty or so people who verified S.E.’s communication with a dead friend or family member. S.E. would use sensory deprivation in order to picture the spirit and what they wanted to say.

Tragically, S.E. disappeared before her 30th birthday. Her friend said she was going to Toms River to meet with a woman who was asking for her help reaching her deceased sister, but no evidence of this meeting or who scheduled it was ever found.

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