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Ghost Witness

Many people believe that dogs and certain other domestic pets are able to pick-up on paranormal activity better than most humans. It could be their exceptional hearing, as most ghosts are pretty quiet. Ghosts are physically made-up of a collection of energy. Dogs have certain protective instincts and their heightened senses could possibly pick-up on a spirit entering the premises. Maybe that is why your dog suddenly barks for no reason, or stares intensely at nothing.

The ghost witness was a Norfolk Terrier, which is a very smart breed. The dog's owner put a chair next to the upstairs window, where the dog would stand to look out at the front of the house. The medium-sized dog loved to people watch.

One day the dog witnessed a hit and run. A local kid on a bicyle, who the dog had seen pass the house many times, was struck by a small green SUV around 6:30 pm. The kid was pushed into a parked car, and was killed after flying off his bike and crashing onto the sidewalk. The small green SUV sped off. It seemed no one human had witnessed the accident. The police investigated the scene and found green paint on the back spokes and on the bike’s frame. The case was ruled a hit and run, but no suspects were offered up.

The dog’s owner noticed that every once in a while, he would catch the dog barking at nothing. The owner would watch the dog’s eyes follow something moving across the front of the house, something that was not really there.

One afternoon, about an hour after his owner arrived home, the dog began barking, ran down the stairs and broke through the front screen door. The owner chased the dog for three blocks. Turns out the dog had spotted the green SUV. The dog’s owner, familiar with the hit and run tragedy, immediately recognized the paint color from the police investigation. He called the police who detained the driver. The man was arrested. Analysis proved the paint on the bike was from the SUV. The boy's family was grateful to have closure.

Afterwards the dog stopped looking out the window as much. His owner claimed that one evening, while he was watching television in the room with the window, the dog jumped up on the chair. The owner claims he looked out the window and saw a kid riding a bike down the street, and that the figure disappeared when it got passed the house.

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