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Jersey Devil - Sin

There are seven deadly sins; greed, envy, lust, pride, sloth, gluttony, wrath (in no particular order). According to historians, of the big seven, there are three that are known to attract the Jersey Devil.

Lust is a sure-fire way to get the creature’s attention. The energy given-off by certain lustful interactions, permeates into the surrounding areas. In southern New Jersey, many young female victims were believed to have been kidnapped by the Jersey Devil. The events were blamed on the overtly sexual actions of the young females, and used as a warning to kids, to keep it in their pants.

Pride and greed seem to be the sins that the devil uses to cause the downfall of otherwise decent and competent individuals. It is believed that the Jersey Devil targets the ego of the subject, which eventually leads to their self-destruction. Check out the Jersey Devil Category for individual stories.

It is believed that wrath, or uncontrollable hatred of humanity, is what drives the monster. Some claim the Jersey Devil is an emissary of Lucifer. While many places around the world have local monsters and urban legends, what makes the Jersey Devil relatively unique, is the almost unanimous belief that the creature actually exists. It certainly would explain a lot.

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