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Ghost Bodies in Belmar

Belmar, New Jersey, is one of the more popular northern Jersey Shore towns. The large sand beaches get filled with thousands of people during the summer. The locals anticipate this infestation like a bad flu.

The streets are set up in a pretty consistent checkered pattern. Every day, people from the neighborhood walk their dogs around the lake.

A strange phenomenon started happening on 7th Avenue, between Ocean Avenue and A Street. At least three dog owners began noticing that their dogs would not walk passed this one house. They would all stop in front of the house, then start sniffing and looking inside. One concerned dog-owner believed that there was a dead body in the house, and that was causing the dogs to stop (because of their powerful sense of smell).

The property was owned by a shadowy holding company, who bought the building from the initial owner in the late 70’s, after the last member of the house died. The company forbid anyone from going inside. Since no smell, noise or safety issue was noticeable from outside the house, the town upheld the wishes of the company.

After the devastating Hurricane Sandy, many houses were knocked down and rebuilt. The homes closer to the lake on 7th Avenue, were ordered to build their foundations higher off the ground. These residents used stilts to prop up their homes, in order to build up the foundation. While the process is extremely difficult and costly, many of these homes ended up looking much better with a little more height.

The property in question was located directly across from the lake. Because the houses on either side were newer, with taller foundations, the town ordered the shadow company to lift the house.

One local Belmar resident was known to walk his well-behaved border collie without a leash, around the lake. On the first day of construction, the dog darted across the street to the front of the house.

The owner was shocked, as the dog knew never to cross the street. The border collie ran right in the front door of the house. The owner followed after the dog. The crew working on the house thought he was an owner, and did not stop him. He followed the dog through the house to the back laundry room. The dog sat in front of a closet and barked continuously.

The dog’s owner called the police, who arrived minutes later. The normally well-behaved dog would not stop barking at the door. This led a senior officer to check to see if it was locked. It was not.

According to witnesses, a bodybag was seen getting carried out of the home, but the contents were too small to be a recently deceased adult. Older locals believe it was the body of a housewife, who was allegedly killed by her alcoholic husband, back in the sixties. The dog owner signed a non-disclosure form, presumably after making a deal with the company that owned the property.

No updates on who was in the bodybag have been reported. Neighborhood dogs still continue to stop in front of the house, stubbornly refusing to cross in front of it.

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