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Dennis and Jen

Dennis and Jen have been friends since grade school. Dennis and Jerry grew-up in a neighborhood a few miles away from the DeMeo sisters. This group would hang out quite often. Also, for the longest time, Jen has been dating this guy Jake. Dennis is a genuinely nice guy, so he gets along with Jake just fine.

But everyone knows that Jen has a thing for Dennis, and that Dennis obviously has a thing for Jen. The two have had to hide their real feelings for each other, for the sake of Jake, who has been getting on the nerves of everyone lately, with his excessive partying. Especially Jack Cuomo, who is the host of the annual 4th of July party. Seems at last year’s party, Jake and his friends from Freehold Boro started a pretty nasty fight. Jack has tolerated Jake for the sake of Jen, but he has also been known to manufacture scenarios where Dennis and Jen end up hanging out together alone.

The situation has been getting pretty tense as of late. Drinking parties tend to bring out people’s true feelings. After the fight at the last party, as he was being thrown out, Jake accused Jack of trying to hook-up with Jen. It was reported, that Jack was furious with Jake for the mess his fight caused, but that he did throw a little wink to Dennis, after Jake screamed his accusation, while being dragged out of the room.

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