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The Barn

The barn in the backyard of Jack Cuomo’s house holds a very interesting history. The original compound was 200 years old. While most of the house has been rebuilt over the years, the barn in the backyard is completely original. Most of Jack’s friends are convinced that the barn in haunted. Some have heard voices. A couple have seen the ghost of a small girl.

Jack was the first one to see the small female child ghost when he was younger. He woke up one night and looked across his bedroom. Jack saw the apparition, standing half way into the wall. The back of her head was visible, but the front of her face and body was inside the wall. Pat is pretty sure he has seen the girl figure in the barn.

The barn stands two stories tall, but it was built into a hill, giving it another level. The top level of the barn is supposedly where the most paranormal activity happens.

The story dates back to when the house and barn were first built. A French immigrant family snuck into the barn to get out of a snow storm. They huddled together in the top level. The family froze to death overnight. The little girl is seen the most. The mother supposedly only appears to warn people that the father is coming. The father is allegedly very aggressive and carries a shotgun.

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