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Belmar’s 4th Dimension

We have discussed the particulars of Belmar’s 4th Dimension in the Ghost Stories Category. To recap: The coastline in Belmar, New Jersey supposedly runs through a portal to other dimensions. Because an unknowable amount of dimensions exist in the same place, under the right conditions, certain anomalies can be seen.

Since the portal only opens at a certain time (early am, two hours before sunrise), there is one way to check if the portal will open. The Wunderbrook House is located close to Jack Cuomo’s house in Belmar, but one street up. During sundown, walk passed the Wunderbrook House. If the portal is set to open, you will see the wicked cat. (“The Wicked Cat of Wunderbrook House" is also in the Ghost Stories Category)

The Buzzkill team recently sought out the portal to Belmar’s fourth dimension, after getting a tip that the portal was going to be opening. We went passed the Wunderbrook House during sundown. As we walked, the sunlight seemed to intensify, making the house look a different color. None could say for sure if the house changed, because even with sunglasses, seeing became quite difficult. One member of our group, claims he saw the cat.

It was enough evidence to attempt to see the portal. We set a camera along two points on Ocean Avenue. At 4 am, both cameramen witnessed the appearance of two large orbs (pictured). The entire day had been clear, but the light from the orbs reviled a thick cloud of fog that spread to 8th Avenue.

The first cameraman was too close to get anything on film. She took multiple pictures, but all that showed up, was a bright white light. She said it was unbelievably bright. She flipped her sunglasses on. Still squinting, she described what she said looked like two factory workers, wearing protective helmets, and pulling something towards the center of the first orb.

The second cameraman (this writer), got a picture of the event. When the orbs lit up, they looked like holograms. Two large balls of light, both the size of adult elephants, looked as if they were turned on by a switch. A car traveling north on Ocean, stopped just short of the first light when it appeared. I looked towards the ocean, where the “space men” supposedly come from. I saw flickers of light moving towards the orbs from the ocean, but nothing that resembled a person or persons. Both balls of light turned off at the same time. The car just kept driving.

The first cameraman said they both turned off as soon as the figures reached the first orb. The streetlights came on around fifty minutes later.

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