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Trouble in the Buzzkill Universe

While the stage is set for a solid party, there has been some unfortunate news going around about similar beach-house parties along the shore, one in Seaside, one in Pt. Pleasant. Kristina Delisa, from Colts Neck, was taken from a party in Pt., a week after Kelly Whitlin was taken in Seaside. Both girls are presumed alive, but no trace of either has been seen since.

The details of both accounts vary. Both point to them being lured away from the houses somehow. Kristina was last seen with a “new boyfriend” named Jeff. According to Jeff’s mother, he has also gone missing. Police assume Jeff is Kristina’s abductor, but his mother maintains that Jeff was either abducted himself, or coerced or extorted into taking Kristina.

Kristina’s friends had mixed opinions on Jeff. She seemed to have taken to him right away, which meant they barely saw her anymore. “Jeff seemed very normal, not like a weirdo at all. Plus he was good-looking so.” - Taylor, Kristina’s friend. (Gotta love Colts Neck girls.)

So the optics have not been great. Also, Jack Cuomo, was recently dumped by Savannah. Their intense relationship became fractured after Jack’s wild partying led to multiple blow-out fights, usually resolved quickly, until Savannah went to desperate measures to try to snap Jack back into reality, which only served to make Jack feel betrayed and manipulated. It seems like a wrap, but with those two, you never know.

Shake it of. This year’s party is going be lots of fun! Ice luge, kegs, flip-cup, drinking games. Nothing like a house party.

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