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Jack / S.E. Clairvoyant Connection

Jack Cuomo, our party's host, is not without flaws, but his ability to predict the future is one of those things people might not know about him. Again, Jack is not without his vices, but after a particularly successful first time at a casino in Pennsylvania, Jack quit gambling on the spot.

It is believed that Jerry White, was the person who went with him. It seemed Jerry knew some friends in low places in the neighboring town. The idea was to go for an hour, play poker (Jack’s game), then use the winnings to party in a nearby college town. They were successful, hustling around 54 hundred dollars at holdem. Just after they were midway through, Jack left the first table.

Jerry described the encounter, “We were up like 3 grand, Jack was squeezing these two out, then this girl sits down. Jack looked at her and immediately stopped playing after that hand. He didn’t make a big deal of it, but he said to me that he had a bad feeling about the chick. As we were walking through the casino to the cheaper tables, Jack stopped next to one of the roulette wheels. He looked at me, then put 400 down on number 11. Before I could even say anything. He said, “trust me.” so I did. Anyway, it hit, and we walked away with $14,000. Jack refused to play again after that night. That was a good night.”

According to Jack, his reason for not gambling was that he did not want the thrill and competitiveness of the games to cloud his abilities. He believed gambling would corrupt his gift. It is believed that he is a distant relative of S.E. the Clairvoyant. Recently some more photographs arrived of her, that were supposedly from a family vacation that Jack’s family took in 1995. While it was initially believed that S.E. went to Palm Beach County during this time, Disneyworld is just a few hours drive (plus it's awesome). If they were somehow related, it would make sense for Jack’s parents to have taken her picture.

S.E. the Clairvoyant's gifts were well-known and numerous. She has not been heard from since her disappearance. It is believed the Jersey Devil was responsible.


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