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Forward Thinking

According to Jack’s friends, he is a pretty big flake, and will say exactly what pops into his head, regardless of who else is in the room. These things alone are not deal-breakers, nobody’s perfect. When it comes to certain things however, he would be the one to call, or text. Jack calls it, “forward-thinking."

Obviously, everyone tries to think before they act, that is just being responsible, but when there had to be someone to make the final choice between two sides of an argument, a contentious election or a half-veiled controversy, Jack’s opinion was usually asked.

At first it seemed like luck, or Jack being some sort of hustler or grifter, but people started going to him with the big stuff. “Like give me your honest opinion…” Such things were rarely discussed openly between the other members of the group.

It is believed that Jack met S.E. the clairvoyant on a trip to Disneyworld. The two allegedly hit it off, during those long waits in line. They chatted about numerous topics, the 9 year difference in age did not seem to register. (It is believed these two could be cousins of some kind.)

S.E. was a well-known clairvoyant, and her actions did most of the talking. She was last seen and heard, being called down to south Jersey to assist with a mission to help a female paranomal victim. The only eye witness, a roommate, claimed that S.E. did in fact take a large amount of her tools, including 2 long daggers, the Bible, and some contraptions the witness could not recognize.

S.E. has been missing for almost 10 years. It is rumored the Jersey Devil was responsible for her disappearance. Officially, she is still considered “missing,” since no evidence of her demise has been found.

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