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The Jersey Devil

It is no big surprise that New Jersey has its own devil. In fact, one of NJ’s last remaining sports teams is the New Jersey Devils. One thing about the Garden State, we appreciate our own culture, and we will tell you about it.

The actual Jersey Devil, who was born of a witch (Mother Leeds) or from satan himself depending on who you talk to, is not the playful red devil from the hockey team logo. By most accounts the monster is black. It has the features of different wild animals, like wings and apparently the head of a goat (not a good start).

While most surviving witness reports claim the monster runs, flies-away or disappears, one of the most recent accounts hints at the possibility that the JD has the ability to travel between universes. The reason for this theory is that one of witnesses fired a gun at the creature, and the bullet passed right through it. The figure did not even flinch. The events took place in a cabin out in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey, that was believed to be cursed by dark forces.

This could explain how despite the Jersey Devil being a well-known local urban legend, it has been able to avoid detection or capture.

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