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The Jersey Devil

Perhaps more interesting than how the Jersey Devil targets certain victims, is why the Jersey Devil targets certain victims. What draws the monster out?

By most accounts the Jersey Devil is reclusive, and makes a very concerted effort to not get spotted.

However, the latest witness, supposedly in the early 2000’s, encountered the creature while in a cabin deep in the Pine Barrens. It was sitting perched in a tree. The monster had large black wings that were draped over the front of its body like a bird. According to the witness, it had the “face of a horse”.

During this encounter, the figure remained facing the people in the party, staring at them. After a couple of seconds and an unsuccessful gunshot, all of the members of the party dipped-out of the woods super-fast. The monster seemed focused on one of the members of the group.

But what attracts the Jersey Devil?

Potential is a big one. When a person has potential, depending on their decision-making and influencers, that person can either do a lot of good or a lot of bad.

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