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Darkness and the Disinfection of Light

In light of recent events, many of us have felt like we have witnessed a sudden jarring victory over the darkness that has originated from the souls of man.

Deviant earthy pleasures have been released into modern mainstream discourse and what has resulted?

A divided populous. Us vs them. People being shamed and “other’d”. Anger all around.

Envy is the most powerful negative emotion. America has had a struggling, desert-style economy where nothing grows but envy. The “haves” hoard, the “have-nots” are taught to hate the “haves”.

They call it the “Sleeping Giant”. A group of millions of people who collectively and instinctually sensed the darkness was seeping in.

We know this darkness is not going away because the battle between good and evil can never end.

We are entering into a new chapter of human evolution, and like most good things, it starts with America.

America no longer being ashamed for kicking-ass. People not apologizing for their “privilege” because everyone has strengths and weaknesses, advantages and shortcomings. If one of your “strengths” is that you are able to keep your “privilege” in check, then you haven’t achieved anything and are nothing but a conformist douchebag.

If you want to believe cultural norms are disposable because religion is all bs, then fine, have at it, it’s still a free country. Why does religion exist? Most religions teach their followers virtues that people are not automatically born with. Most religions exist to guide man towards good and away from evil behavior.

Arrogance is the reason your face becomes so punchable to people. Religions teach the righteous path, and secularists tend to be the most self-righteous. It is one thing to have skepticism, enlightened people start out as skeptics, but if your pride stands in the way of accepting truths even after they become obvious to those around you, not only do you look like fool, you have revealed yourself as a fraud without even knowing it.

Contrarian thinking has decimated our civil society by design, but faith has persevered. The United States of America was built on faith, and that is why we will persevere.

At Buzzkill, those who serve our great country are held in the highest esteem. These are people that truly believe in America’s purpose and greatness and they have been forgotten for too long. Happy Veterans Day.

Heroes do, cowards tell you it’s impossible.

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