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Who is TLR?

What do the letters TLR stand for? “The Last Right,” which is the name of a group of western culture saboteurs and deviants, who live covertly in defiance of God and regularly commit acts of blasphemy together.

Who is to say if this sounds like something you might have heard of somewhere? TLR is a fictional society and they do not represent any person living today or any time ever.

Joe Vrola Projects is making them up completely. Again, no-one depicted in NAF is based off of anyone real, any likeness to actual people or events are completely coincidence.

Special thank you to everyone who rented and bought Buzzkill New Jersey! The film has officially become a cult-classic in the state of New Jersey and Great Britain! Thanks cuz!

Keep checking here or follow Joe Vrola on Twitter @jrvrolanj !!!!

Follow our amazingly attractive female lead on instagram, @chappellbunch !!

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