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What started as a three episode concept teaser, has developed into a seven episode limited series! The public has become eager for new original content. Naturally, Joe Vrola Projects is here to make your life better.

The story follows Mike and Lauren Murphy. A newlywed couple who seem pretty close to perfect. Both cute, very nice, the American dream. But one bad decision can blow it all up rather quickly. After having their low-key and awesome wedding, they embarked on their honeymoon to the Caribbean. At first, things were going great.

Lauren was kidnapped for three days and returned to Mike who had scoured the entire country looking for his wife. Lauren woke up in their hotel room, with no recollection of the past few days. When they returned home, things started getting weird…

Now what would a good plot line be without some random characters to spice it up? New and Forever officially has more characters than Buzzkill New Jersey, with a whopping 55 to start! If you learned anything from the events of Buzzkill New Jersey, you know Joe Vrola Projects creates the best characters. Remember Diana and Jen?

Production updates for NAF will be released exclusively to the Buzzkill Director’s Post. Will continue to do HOPE Paranormal and Buzzkill Movie Reviews.

Buckle up friends. We are about to be entering a brand new universe.

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