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Paranormal Side Effects

Possibly the biggest deterrent to entering the world of spirit-chasing, is the potential to have spirits attach to you, like in the movie, “Veronica”, though that seems like close to worst case scenario. The key to fighting paranormal side-effects, is the Light. What is the Light? Think of God’s intention for the Universe. Goodness. Being what you would want others to be like, to you. This light builds inside, the more decent and selfless things you do.

Josh and Steve Huff both seem to be getting a little extra attention from Ed, a spirit from the Bellaire House, and his incredibly spooky family. In fact, there are lots of voices from the last episode, which is funny, because that episode took place in Ohio, and this one was in Florida. The two high-pitched, soft sounding girls’ voices (is it weird to guess that at least one was hot?), as well as Ed’s voice, and Frank, who followed Josh out to Ohio and back. What Josh and his Facebook audience had planned, was held up in the first session by some spirits, who usually are pretty self-involved.

This is not to say that all these spirits are bad. Unending existence in darkness for these souls, can lead to some intense character-defects. In the second session, it seemed like more spirits who where intended and asked to be there, and some others, were able to get through. The arc angel Michael was present. It is safe to assume the light was present and visible, and the fact that these spirits become attracted to it, could mean they are ultimately good.

It has long been said that God never leaves you, people leave God. The spirit Frank, may be angry and disgruntled, but he is following around a source of God’s light, probably trying to figure a way to get through.

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