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BKNJ Review: TAU

Netflix loves cranking homers. Here at Buzzkill, we appreciate people who like doing so. This might be why Netflix Originals always end up getting reviewed. If you do not know already, we only review the ones we love. (Eat your heart out on tomatoes.)

TAU was executed flawlessly, and dealt with very few characters. Usually we do dislikes first, but none come to mind. Let’s get to the goods.

We won’t give out any spoilers, but modern viewers seem to want to know it all up front for some strange reason, so TAU’s whole plot is in the log line. If you can guess who plays the computer’s voice right away, you will have one on this writer. Perfection, officially creates the first sympathetic and genuine connection, without crossing the line into cheese or multiple dimensions.


Maika Monroe, who you may remember from "It Follows", (that movie was great), was sensational. She was able to capture the nature and humanity of a smarter-than-average lost girl, forced to fight for her life.

Back to the computer. From concept, to execution, “TAU” the super home computer was bad-ass and terrifying, yet docile and loyally obedient to its owner, Alex, who is quite the psychopath. Really good.

The film achieves so much, while making it look so easy. In the end, as far as best production, “TAU” gets my vote, after “Buzzkill New Jersey,” of course.

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