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Jersey Devil Encounter Witness

We managed to track down a man who is believed to have encountered the Jersey Devil. He resides in a psychiatric center in South Carolina. We were told to keep the name of the center and the witness secret. We will call him Mr. Brown.

The background on Mr. Brown is very cloudy. He is roughly 68 years old, and the only family we could find was an ex-girlfriend from 40 years ago. Her name is Karen. Thankfully, she was pretty helpful. We asked her to verify what she could about Mr. Brown’s experience meeting the Jersey Devil. Karen told us most of what we had found written about Mr. Brown was fabrication.

According to his Karen, Mr. Brown was a very smart and charismatic young man. When they were younger and going through school, he always had a large group of friends. The two started dating in college. She started to notice something wrong with Mr. Brown right after the two became engaged to be married.

She said that at first, Mr. Brown would get into strange, distant moods every once in a while. He would lock himself away from everyone for hours. She thought he was just dealing with stress. He would eventually come back to normal and be fine.

Then he started to disappear. Karen said he would always have a creative story to explain his absence, but she started to suspect he was cheating. One day, Mr. Brown told his girlfriend that he was going over to a friends house to help him do some landscaping in his backyard. She waited for him to leave and followed him. Mr. Brown drove two towns over to a park. He parked his car and walked deep into the woods. Karen said that at first she was furious, thinking he had some romantic evening planned with another girl. As she followed him further into the woods, her anger turned to fear.

She said she started getting nervous because of how far into the woods he was going. She didn’t know if she would be able to find her way back out by herself. Eventually Mr. Brown stopped. She said he started talking to someone. She wanted to get closer to see who it was, but she was afraid they would see her. She got close enough to hear the conversation.

Karen told us that she could barely hear the voice of the person Mr. Brown was talking to. She said it sounded like low vibrations and she couldn’t make out the words. Mr. Brown responded saying, “I’ve given you everything you’ve asked, I’ve destroyed myself and my relationship with the one I love. I will not do this for you.”

Karen said that she tried to get closer, but stepped on some twigs and Mr. Brown turned around and looked towards her. She said she ran away in the woods, hoping they would think it was just a deer or something. She said she never got a look at the person Mr. Brown was talking to.

She ran out of the woods to her car and drove straight home. She said she never saw Mr. Brown in person again. With tears in her eyes, she asked us to please say “hello” to him for her if we ever met with him.

Mr. Brown was discovered on a security tape breaking into a military research center and stealing documents from a top-secret vault. The documents were never recovered, and there is only un-verified speculation as to what the information was. Many claim the documents implicated the state government of New Jersey in a cover-up of a supernatural event that happened in the 1920’s that involved the sudden death of two sisters at the hand of an evil entity.

Mr. Brown was found walking by himself down highway 95 in North Carolina. He was detained and repeatedly interrogated by local and federal law enforcement trying to find out why he stole the documents and where they were hidden. Mr. Brown was unable to speak and reportedly had no memory of what happened or even who he was.

We drove to the center in South Carolina and met with Mr. Brown. Unfortunately we were unable to get him to speak so we didn’t get our questions answered. Mr. Brown maintained a blank expression and never said a word. His only deviation came when I told him Karen had said hello. His eyes widened a bit, then he sighed and gave a sad smile.

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