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Editorial: Orlando, Florida Massacre

I found out about the shooting on Sunday morning. It took a long time to process. The body count is currently 50 with another 50 injured. I had that same deep feeling of sadness for the innocent victims, mixed with that same disdained hatred for the perpetrator. I remember the first time I felt this, when I saw Osama bin Ladin’s picture during 9/11. A real-life devil. A scumbag.

I went to for the story because I wanted the facts. I had a feeling what kind of person the suspect would be even before I saw him because of who his target was. That p.o.s. shooter made a mistake by bringing to light a hatred that no-one should forget.

Regardless of what you feel about other people in America, the understanding is nobody should ever be targeted, singled out, or f*cking killed for being different from you. Our country doesn’t tolerate that twisted kind of thinking, not from my understanding at least.

Is anyone at least mildly turned-off by the fact that the news media is trying to always make it about guns when Paris and Brussels are both gun-free? Then I have to watch “Islamic Relations” representatives come on television, not really apologize, then twist the story away from radical Islam and towards the argument against guns. It feels like, “this mass-killing is brought to you by US/Islamic Relations”!

I hope people know that ISIS has been promoting to their followers to do these kinds of mass-killings during Ramadan. It apparently helps the martyr score more points in the afterlife. I pray that people wake up and realize that America, or “The Great Satan” as we’re known in Iran and Syria, has been at war for 15 years. A war that started with the attack on the World Trade Center. I hope people finally realize where the real source of hatred, bigotry and brutality is coming from (hint; not Judaism or Christianity). Gays in Islamic theocracies are hunted down, strung up, and thrown off buildings. The shooter, Omar Scumbagdhadi, called 911 and pledged his allegiance to ISIS before he finished killing.

Per-usual, my bleeding-heart friends are again talking about gun-control. The perpetrator was on the FBI terrorist watch-list and should not have been allowed to have a gun. That being said, this man walked into that club with a handgun, a semi-automatic weapon and a bomb, and no-one inside could stop him.

You can choose to live your life without a gun, but in America you have to right to defend yourself. Scumbag terrorists and criminals do not care about the law, decent people do. Once your law-abiding neighbors give up their guns, the government will have no check on its power. At that point, the will of the people won’t matter anymore.

We love our country at Buzzkill. We believe that people should prioritize what is important for their own well-being. People come to America because they want to live in peace and freedom. The Western World holds the individual up in high esteem and does not think of its people as masses to be thinned-out and manipulated as needed. Our civic duty as citizens is to stay informed. Unfortunately, our sources are telling different stories.

I ask you to make an effort to respectfully communicate with each other and stop being afraid to say something offensive. When watching or reading the “news”, try to isolate the facts of the case from the argument that the pundit or writer is trying to make. Check a couple different sources. From there, draw your own conclusions. Some haircut on television is no more qualified to tell you what to think than you are to come up with your own opinion.

The media is always trying to get you to think the same way they do. A lot of times that means they are more concerned with an opinion narrative than with giving you the facts. You cannot just hope and wish for things to be different and make the bad people with go away.

My heart is broken for the victims, who were just trying to enjoy a weekend evening with their friends. Their last minutes on earth were full of absolute fear and panic. We as Americans cannot just mourn them and continue to not pay attention to why it happened. We need to fight this evil and rid it from the Earth. We need to protect our country. Stomping our feet about injustice does nothing. Stay informed, protect yourself.

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