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Phalanx Road, Hominy Hill Road - 2 Ghost Stories

In Colts Neck, New Jersey, which by the way is one of the best places to live in New Jersey, there is a road called Phalanx Road. The road connects the town of Lincroft with Colts Neck. Brookdale Community College on one end, Colts Neck Golf Club on the other. The road crosses over the reservoir when you travel from one town to the other. The Colts Neck side is where things get dicey.

The first ghost is a teenaged girl, who walks along the street. The story is that she was walking down the road at night. The road is very windy and heavily wooded on both sides of the street. She was hit by a car and killed. She now walks up and down the street at night. People think she is a hitchhiker until she disappears. Creep City.

The second story is a bit more horrifying. There is a large house on Hominy Hill Road in Colts Neck that is haunted by the ghosts of two young girls. The former owners are apparently in some kind of trouble for not disclosing the girls' presence in the house before selling to the current owners. The story is that the two girls died in an elevator accident after trying to climb into a dumbwaiter-style elevator in the house. Tragic. The parents probably thought it was just the grief that was making them see their daughters running around. On the other side, having two little girl ghosts is close to worst case scenario when moving into a new house.

More stories to come!

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