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Summer Comes, Summer Goes

The post-Labor Day atmosphere around Belmar, New Jersey and other shore points is actually quiet nice. The weather is still nice, yet there aren’t thousands of out-of-towners driving around too slowly and ruining the beautiful scenery with their stupid faces.

I must apologize to the New York drivers, to whom I spew so much venom and vitriol as I try to drive home. You are not the worst drivers. Pennsylvania people are the worst drivers. New York drivers are horrible, annoying, and always in the way, but at least they drive with purpose. Every time I get stuck behind a car with a Pennsylvania license plate, I feel like I am on a hidden camera show where the person in front of me purposely drives as slow as physically possible to see if they can make me lose my freaking mind.

So while the out-of-staters leave, the rest of Monmouth County comes back around to enjoy the rest of nice weather, before the hellish chill of winter turns the shore into a ghost town.

Time seems to speed up as we get older because our perception of 24 hours changes as we experience more and more of them. Take some time, even a few seconds, to acknowledge pleasant scenery when you encounter it, especially when you are in need of a change in perspective.

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