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BKNJ Review: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix Original Series)

Let us first point out that Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother), might just be the best character in sitcom history. If only the HIMYM writers didn’t soften him up so much by the end. I maintain that the ruthless sociopath side of Barney Stinson was what the audience liked. Liberal writers think they are creating a character to laugh at, and they end up being a fan-favorite. Think “Ron Swanson” (Parks and Rec), “Jack Donaghy” (30 Rock) and “Archie Bunker” (All in the Family).

Pardon my digression, on to the review.

Netflix Original Series are solid, and Neil Patrick Harris was plays Count Olaf. NPH is really good which is not surprising. The opening musical number at first seems like it is going to be something you wish you could skip, but they reveal important plot details in them so you will want to pay attention. As much as Count Olaf is despicable, he is very funny to watch. I definitely could see him being a distant relative of Barney Stinson, maybe one that he doesn’t want to tell people about.

Patrick Warburton gives a flawless performance of Lemony Snicket, and provides a very necessary reprieve from the constant upsetting happenings inflicting the Baudelaire children. Normally I don’t like children as main characters, but they are necessary for this story and none of them are particularly annoying. The way the baby is given awareness in the series must not have been easy, but it was very effectively executed.

I fear many have the compulsion to watch the suffering of others. Maybe it is to feel better about whatever is wrong in our lives. Feeling empathy for others is defiantly better than feeling sorry for one’s self. That being said, this story is depressing and the momentary reprieves from darkness are quickly squashed with terrible and deviant characters (many great actors giving brilliant performances), as well as frightening and absurdly unfortunate events.

Overall: Must Watch

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