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A Group of Spirits

The first thing you come to understand when following the sessions of spirit-chasers is that they are dealing with different dimensions. What can only be commonly referred to as purgatory, seems like a place of endless loops, and backward rules. Artistically interpreted in film and television as endless whiteness, blackness, nothingness. Still the spirit exists somewhere, and there are other spirits there too.

Josh from H.O.P.E. Paranormal’s latest session starts like many others, scattered, difficult to fully understand. What unfolds was perhaps my mind’s eye finally piecing it all together. It definitely seems like when Josh uses the flux-capacitor (my nickname for every gadget these guys use) and announces his intention to bring light to these spirits, that there are willing spirits on the other end.

This last episode features a young man, an older man, a woman, a baby, basically all the generic characters of a disaster movie, put together through their common goal to find a way out. The spirits sounded like they were from different time-periods.

While it is not clear if any spirits were successful in using Josh’s help, the video does seem to show that in the extra-earthly realm, word has been getting around of a way to Heaven. That alone is a positive discovery. Perhaps hope can really become contagious.

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