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Hurricane Irma

In case you did not know, Josh and H.O.P.E. Paranormal are located in Palm Beach County, FL. If you need further clarification of where these people are in relation to the Hurricane Irma predictions, see the picture below.

Josh was kind enough to provide some live, on-scene coverage of how the weather has been. It started bad.

Got worse,

Then it got worse,

Then, it got much worse.

Josh attempted a couple spirit-sessions. Although this could be my mortal-bias showing, it felt like the spirits were getting blown all around with the wind.

At one point, it seemed like Josh was getting berated by a group of mildly-intimidating spirits, who like to speak together in a cadence, like the mean-uncle ghosts from Casper. It is not a far-stretch to assume that the types of spirits traveling around in a hurricane, are the type that thrive on fear.

At one point, Josh felt the call to walk and stand outside in the hurricane (after a slight nudge from the spirit-world). It was very, very windy.

Here’s to all our friends down in Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County, and the rest of south Florida. Hang in there.

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