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Terry is the name of one of the few known individuals, ever to best the Jersey Devil. The legend was that Terry used his photographic memory, combined with his skills of manipulation, to trick the Jersey Devil into granting him one wish.

Many victims of the Jersey Devil, became targets because of their sinful behavior. Terry was targeted because of his pride. He was known to check himself out constantly, he never met a mirror he didn’t like. Also, Terry loved to party.

While part of the arrangement was that Terry could not reveal how he tricked the Jersey Devil, the effects of the agreement were easily recognized. Terry didn’t age like normal people. It seemed like he aged one year for every 20 that would pass.

Terry was killed trying to grift a particularly dangerous gang that did not take kindly to people trying to hustle them out of money. Terry’s body was found years after his death, in a cave deep in the woods of southern New Jersey. His skin and flesh had decayed away, leaving a skeleton. Terry’s skull maintained his signature thick brown hair. He has since become a recurring character in the Buzzkill Universe.

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