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H.O.P.E. Paranormal (Side-Effects)

We had taken some time off of writing about our friends at H.O.P.E. Paranormal, mainly because this writer started seeing ghosts all over the place. This is not a creative ploy to spark your interest, this became a personal problem. There have been plenty of places, especially the locations used in shooting “Buzzkill New Jersey”, that are centuries old, and defiantly felt like they had spirits hanging around. It is not terribly uncommon to see figures in your peripheral vision in the 300 year-old Sgroi house, but the spirits all seem benevolent.

The issue arrived as I began seeing spirits everywhere I went. Walking around Main Street, at the store, walking my dog, I would see people appear out of the corner of my eye. As soon as I noticed them, they would disappear. In the moment I would not feel fear, I simply interpreted them probably, as the people that they were. It was not until I realized the person had disappeared, that I would begin to feel uneasy.

The spirits themselves were not a cause of fear most of the time, it was the consistency of the visions that was getting to me. When I decided for myself to stop thinking about them, the spirit-sightings stopped almost immediately.

The problem was, once you have seen something with your own eyes, you can not convince yourself that it never happened. Just because I was no longer seeing these spirits did not mean they went anywhere. Also, I became very aware of the corruptive influence of evil that seems to exist everywhere. Evil is a destructive and seductive force, and whether or not I chose to fight it, I could no longer pretend like it was not there.

Josh recently posted a video of a Canadian trip with Steve Huff, who has come back from hiatus. I am guessing Steve reached similar conclusions to mine, and decided to keep fighting. In the video, Josh and the spirit-chasers speak to a group of spirits, and Josh tries to lead them to the light of God and Heaven. In most of these sessions that involve groups of spirits, there seems to alway be a darker spirit lingering around, who acts as a denier of God and Heaven. The spirit could just be a skeptic, but the sound of the voice often seems more nefarious.

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