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Here at Buzzkill, our goal is to take the complex, and make it simpler. Making things easier to digest and understand, is no easy task when dealing with the good folks at HOPE Paranormal, because their friends are all over the place. Literally, the spirits that communicate with Josh, exist on plains that do not follow the same rules as ours.

The latest video starts with Josh explaining that he had received a message from a spirit guiding him to speak with the members of the Scole Experiment, at 10:30 pm that night. Who was it that told Josh to have the meeting? Apparently Jesus Christ. (Talk about a character reference.)

At 10:30, Josh felt the spirits’ presence in his home very strongly, which is not something a video can adequately describe for you. It is a sub-conscious reaction, something only triggered by the presence of someone else’s energy. Apparently 5 members of the Scole Experiment showed up, along with Tupac Shakur and/or BOB. The spirit recorder is proving to be a very useful device. Not very flashy, but the recorder is very effective at capturing the energy of the spirits, for whom it is extremely difficult to communicate.

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