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The Scole Experiment - Crossing Over

In the latest video from HOPE Paranormal, Josh returns back to the use of the spirit box, in order to help guide spirits towards Heaven. It seems logical to use the spirit box at night, as opposed to daytime where even as kids, we knew Heaven was up in the clouds. Since it technically exists everywhere, the spirit box would help guide the spirit towards a physical manifestation of light. Ask your physics teacher.

This is not just the opinion of your dear host here at Buzzkill. It seems Josh's use of the spirit box was at the suggestion of the members of the Scole Experiment. This group of 10 or so people, including Jesus Christ, formed in order help bridge the connection between the different states of being. In this last video, the spirit very clearly proclaims that there was 13 other people in the room, standing behind them. That is pretty amazing.

In the end, after conquering their doubts and visualizing their goal, the spirit said “good bye” and away they went. While these videos from HOPE Paranormal are complex and require a decent bit of faith, even casual viewers can catch a hint of when the spirit leaves leaves the room. Where they go from there, is up to you to believe.

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