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HOPE Paranormal 2018

Faith is perhaps most beneficial during times of sadness or when things seem hopeless. It is easy to be thankful when things are going well, that is why actors never seem at a loss for words when they win an Emmy or an Oscar. Having faith really comes in handy when dealing with loss. There is nothing worse than having to say goodbye to a family member or pet. It is hard enough to accept that you will not be able to talk to or spend time with your loved one again, but HOPE Paranormal has proven that there is some place where spirits go when the body dies.

They have shown this by finding and helping spirits who no longer have a body, and are trapped here on earth. If people just died, if there was nothing after that, how could there be spirits existing to some degree in our dimension? Josh is the leader of HOPE Paranormal, and he has encountered many kinds of spirits; believers, agnostics, atheists, all somehow still here and able to communicate. Some are willing and eager to pray with Josh, others are doubtful, but have become desperate for help.

Josh directs these spirits to call out to God and ask for help. Having faith is as simple as that.

Coming up in 2018

Devils Tree - Rooted Evil” film, (Magic Flame Films)

HOPE Paranormal will revisit the Riddle House.

Josh will be performing a group session in the month of January

Check for updates.

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