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The Return to Riddle House

Our friends at HOPE Paranormal have come out swinging in 2018. You can learn more about the groups' evolution by checking out the HOPE Paranormal Category.

The Riddle House is an old house that used to be located across the street from one of Josh’s favorite cemeteries. Yes, Josh has favorite cemeteries. Why? Oh, because he communicates with ghosts.

“I don’t believe in ghosts.” Okay, that is totally fine, skeptics have the most fun learning new things. The great thing about this latest video is the how effortless and direct the communication is between Josh and the spirits “Joseph” and “Jacob”, who has a noticeably younger-sounding voice and identified as “about to be ten” when asked his age. Furthermore, they were able to catch the anomaly created by Jacob's spirit on camera.

Then a second separate anomaly! Guess there are more ghost-kids around. They were climbing on the chair and table.

Overall this Riddle House video is effective because even a novice toward all things paranormal can understand what is happening. The extra people helped deliver the excitement of paranormal communication.

Here at Buzzkill, we like to focus on the real story. Supposedly this benign spirit Joseph had killed himself by hanging after being charged with stealing money. When Josh asks if there is anything that he can do to help Joseph leave the house, Joseph says, “take the money.” Whoa. By the looks of the house’s time-period, the sum may not be overly amazing, but the sentiment truly would be. Let’s hope Josh follows up. It would be safe to assume that the money could be buried, somewhere around the boarder of the original property. Also, Josh knows someone who can tell him exactly where to look.

The Riddle House and other enchanted structures have been preserved on a cool-looking compound called Yesteryear Village.

Video here:

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