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The Bellaire House w/ Steve Huff

“The app feeds sounds from a bank, through the box that provides reverb. The spirits then manipulate those sounds to form messages.” - Josh on the spirit-box.

In the latest from HOPE Paranormal, a group of people travel to Ohio to the Bellaire House. The house supposedly started becoming a conduit for paranormal activity, after one if its early tenants sought to communicate with his recently deceased sister. Interesting to note, is how these spooky haunted houses are formed. Once the outside world gives up on the structure, what is left inside is the decor of the time-period. This is where classical “haunted-house” attractions like Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror get their distinct flair.

While the Bellaire House looks relatively modern, like with the Devil’s Tree, disgraceful human action, combined with paranormal energy, leaves you with some thoroughly bad real-estate. Josh and Steve Huff speak to many spirits. The benign-sounding female spirits whisper, as to not disturb Edwin, a former owner and jaded presence. Purgatory is no vacation, many of the spirits beg for help.

The spirit Frank, who we have mentioned in past episodes, followed Josh on the 17 hour drive to the house. Josh is not sure of Frank's intention, but is warming up to the possibility that it is not all bad.

Spirit-seekers often use creative means to communicate with and see ghosts. Reflective surfaces like mirrors and water can help a spirit reveal itself. Another interesting place to watch is the glass screen on the DR60 recorder. What at first seemed like just the reflection of a ceiling fan, began look like a spirit’s reflection (pictured).

The Bellaire House was a mixture of what appears to be desperate spirits trapped together. Dark spirits, of different ranges, are attracted to the site. These spirits do not want others to cross-over. In fact, the Bellaire House required Josh and Steve agree to not try to help guide any spirits towards the light, presumably to avoid the backlash that comes, when the mention of God and Heaven, totally pisses-off the more demonic entities that inhabit the house.

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