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Did You Just Tell Me to Calm Down?

If you live in New Jersey, as apposed to Palm Beach County, Florida, you have one thing going for you. No palmetto bugs. They are like roaches, that fly. Yes, they are terrifying. Here’s a picture.

When dealing with our spirit friends, God, Jesus and the arch angel, there is a flip side to that coin. The darkness. During Josh’s last spirit box session, he was dealing with some residual negative energy from Ed, when a palmetto bug flew at him, out of the darkness, causing a spike in anxiety.

Earlier in the day, a woman’s voice said some sexual things to him. For guys, that is not something that usually happens. “Betty” did not sound hot. Combine that with a palmetto bug in the house, and it seemed Josh was starting to get spun by the darkness. It was at this time, where Josh’s deceased friend Adam, made it through the spirit-box. Josh switched to the DR 60 recorder, which works better with individual spirit conversation. Adam identified himself and told Josh to calm down.


Josh asked Adam, if he had just told him to calm down. Adam said, “Yes.” Adam was friends with Josh in life, and has agreed to act as a spirit-guide for him now. Adam says Ed is gone, which is good because according to Adam, Ed is a sick animal. Pretty wild.

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