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BKNJ Review: 13 Reasons Why Season 2

When “13 Reasons Why” first came out, there was a good amount of outrage surrounding the series. In season 1, Hannah, the pretty, yet insecure and allegedly mentally-unstable teenage girl, takes her own life. Thinking it was going to be a horror series, this writer watched the whole first season, noticing along the way that 13RW was actually, a dark, dramatic, tragic-comedy, considering some parts are very funny.

Seasons two hit much more of a storyteller’s stride, as the cast and producers got into the swing of things. The attention to detail, and execution were solid.


…Hannah is a ghost, yay! The filmmakers did limit her thankfully, as her character does work better as the piece that is missing. Also, we know from our encounters with HOPE Paranormal, that people who commit suicide turn into ghosts, and only attach to one person at a time. We are not going to cross-analyze with the first season, but Hannah is portrayed as an angel in hindsight. This concept is addressed with a rose-colored lens.

Damnit if it isn’t interesting. Rings true too. Parts of it are hard to watch. Speak on behalf of victims, but also notice how often victims turn into bullies themselves. 13RW2 introduces the concept of steroids in high school sports, which does turn young men into predators. (Shameless plug for the chapter, “Football” from the new book, “Do It.” by Joe M. Vrola, which gives an account from the POV of a football player, whose team turns on him, after steroids turn his friend and co-captain into a monster.)


Chloe, Brice's current girlfriend. So cute. Feel the most for her. Sorry Jessica, half of feeling better, is looking better. Sheri certainly isn’t letting the fucked-up world keep her from being hot.

Clay Jensen, great hero character. Not to side with Brice the rapist, but hopefully his new brother Justin (also very good), can help him find a nice girl from a neighboring Catholic school. (Worked a Catholic school joke into both seasons' reviews.)

Overall - Must Watch (Be mindful of the government official, who is watching you crying, and making weird, emotional faces, when holding your phone.)

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