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It has been a while since the last blog post update from HOPE Paranormal. The latest video involves Anthony Bourdain. It has been two years since Bourdain killed himself. Spiritually we are witnessing some consistent behavior.

From the outside Anthony Bourdain was thought to have it all. A universally appreciated and loved television show. Clout. Money. Fame. Success. All the things people have been worshiping the last 20 plus years. Now after the fact, it seems Anthony Bourdain can see the angels of heaven. He is able to communicate clearly with Josh. His voice is pretty recognizable.

Yet he remains on earth as a spirit. We learned long ago from another spirit "Chris" that purgatory when you end your own life leads you to have to come to terms with the person you hated enough to kill. Forgiving one’s self seems like logically the key. But it is a process, hopefully one Bourdain has begun.


POW! Spiritually punched by Tupac. That’s one way to reconnect. Allegedly through the spirit box the first thing said was, “I want to punch you in the head.” Pac seemed very hostile towards Josh. Upset with him over something.

Pac says, “I probably stayed longer than I should have.” when referring to the spirit’s connection to Josh.

The next session Tupac apologizes profusely and talks about sharing the Light with Josh. Hey, some people get weird on their birthday. All love in the end.

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